Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheap antivirus for sale

Salam. To those who are interested in buying antivirus, may do so with me. Offered goods pricelist:

K. Internet Security 2012 (3PCs-1Yr) - RM90
K. Internet Security 2012 (1PC-1Yr) - RM50
K. Antivirus 2011/2012 (3PC-1Yr) - RM50
K. Antivirus 2011/2012 (1PC-1Yr) - RM35

N. 360 V5.0 (3PCs-1Yr) (with Backup Storage) - RM110
N. 360 V5.0 (3PCs-1Yr) - RM90
N. 360 V5.0 (1PC-1Yr) - RM60
N. Internet Security 2012 (3PCs-1Yr) - RM90
N. Internet Security 2012 (1PCs-1Yr) - RM55
N. Antivirus 2012 (3PCs-1Yr) - RM70
N. Antivirus 2012 (1PCs-1Yr) - RM55

B. Internet Security 2011/2012 (3PCs-3Yrs) - RM90
B. Internet Security 2011/2012 (3PCs-2Yrs) - RM75
B. Internet Security 2011/2012 (3PCs-1Yr) - RM55
B. Antivirus Plus Pro 2011/2012 (3PCs-1Yrs) - RM45

notes: 1) Those who are interested may personally contact me for payment and
              delivery (
          2) Buyers will be given Activation Code only, and Installation File via CD or
              e-mail will be given upon request
          3) There is processing time, sometimes may took up to 9 hours, depending on
              the server load. Normally, the processing time only took within minutes
          4) All goods are subject to availability